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Medical & Emergency Care

Our wonderful veterinary surgeon, Maria, works hand in hand with us to save lives.

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We are on call to help save the animals of Kos. The quicker you call, the quicker we can help.

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In-House Care

Our ongoing care ensures that our sick and lonely patients get the best help possible.

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Our Story

Kittys of Kefalos exists to stop unnecessary suffering by helping all sick and injured cats. We employ a 'no euthanasia policy' except on vets advice. We are a non funded Charity (number 12/19-6-2015).

Unnötiges Leid von Katzen vermeiden durch Hilfe aller kranken und verletzten Katzen. Keine Einschläferung außer auf ärztlichen Rat. Wir erhalten keinerlei finazielle Unterstützung.

The village of Kefalos is located on top of a huge rocky escarpment at the southwest tip of the Greek island of Kos. Together with the community of Kamari Bay they form a very popular destination for tourists from all over Europe. However, in common with most of the Greek islands, there is a large feral and abandoned cat population. Looking after these strays, particularly in the off-season, is a full time task. Whilst there are some Greek and expatriate residents that help with the task of feeding, all of the medical care and rehabilitation of the resident population is provided all year round by Kittys of Kefalos.

Kittys of Kefalos is the only registered cat charity on the whole island and is run solely by dedicated husband and wife team, Michaela and Kelvin Whaley. It operates a 24 hour, 365 day call out service in aid of sick or injured strays. Aside from the welfare and medical rehabilitation of the cats, one of Kittys highest priorities is the sterilisation of both genders to attempt to at least limit the number of new generations. To that end we would like to thank GCWS whose support has enabled us to sterilise a further 20 cats.

The ideal situation for Michaela and Kelvin would be to nurse all the animals back to optimal health and find them each a loving forever home. While this does happen regularly with cats finding new homes across Europe, some of their charges unfortunately, are so damaged in one way or another that they will stay in the loving care of Kittys until they eventually cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Currently, with approximately 40 cats, of various ages and infirmities, in their charge it's hard work for Michaela and Kelvin. Kittys is supported solely by donations from the public, but with everyone across the world suffering because of the economic downturn, income to all Charities are reduced. Working with GCWS will, hopefully amongst other benefits, bring wider exposure to Kittys of Kefalos and help us raise donations particularly during the summer season.

Kelvin and Michaela moved to Kos in 2003. They soon realised there was no one and no place for the sick and needy cats so the couple started to look after the cats themselves. Eventually, as the caring expanded, they set up Kittys of Kefalos.

Michaela comes from a dog background. Her father was a very well known dog breeder of Springer Spaniels and trained them to the whistle as gun dogs.

Kelvin spent many years with the Plymouth Dog’s and Cat’s home, now known as Gables Farm Dog’s and Cat’s Home, where he started out as a home visitor and eventually became a Governor. He was also a Dog Trainer at the Prince Rock Dog Training.


Kelvin ++30 699 725 2523

Michaela ++30 699 306 8732

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Thanks, Kelvin and Michaela

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What's going on in our world

Cat and Food

Welcome to our new website

So, welcome to our new and shiny website. We hope to be able to use this site to keep you more informed about what we are doing on a weekly basis, display pictures and stories in our news section, but as always the most important element will be to allow you, our loyal supporters, to be able to donate much easier. We will in time have a donation button on our facebook page as well, but this is going to take a few weeks. Be sure, we will let you know when that happens. For now, feel free to have a look around and enjoy the new site.

Daily visit to Plaka

On our daily visit to Plaka we did not see this girl for a few days,but she turned up today,we wondered why,now she is under medical care with us and the vet,will be returned when the vet gives the all clear.


GCWS UK to the rescue

Thanks to GCWS UK another 4 males and 3 female Kefalos strays sterilized today which will be returned tomorrow.

My name is Grandad

Hello I think my name is Grandad,that's what the kind people I live with call me,i wondered into this nice home about 3 months ago,and thought I would stay as I have a nice comfy bed and good food and lots of cuddles,but I am old the vet thinks I am about 11 years old and I became ill,so the kind people who look after me saw this and the vet said I had to have all my teeth out,so I went through this op and now live indoors in the warm,but I need special soft food would anyone like to help me please. by sponsoring my special food.
Thank you 


This is our News section as you can see. The list is regularly updated, so check back often for our latest headlines to find out what we are up to. You can also click on our Facebook link to visit us there, or contact us using the form below. Thanks.

Home: News


In the event of an emergency, please DO NOT send a message by Facebook. We may not be able to respond to messages straight away, endangering our response time. PLEASE call ++30 699 725 2523 as we always have this phone to hand. Thank you

Kelvin & Michaela

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Kittys of Kefalos, Kefalos, Kos, Dodekanisa, 85301, Greece

++30 699 725 2523 or ++30 699 306 8732

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Wish List

If you wish to buy a product that we need all year round instead (or as well as) a donation, please look through the links below. Many thanks.

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Lactol Feeding Set

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Past Events

Some of the stuff we do, and the lovely people that help us!


Sterilization Update

4th April 2019

Thanks to the Greek Cat Welfare Society's (UK) continued support,today were able to respond to the local businesses asking for our help in sterilizing cats close to them, keeping the cats SAFE and the business owners happy. 3 Females and 2 males. We will continue to work with the local business and next week we will sterilize more for them.
The Kitten in the blue and white box is the one from yesterdays post,and the good news is she should be ok.


3rd April 2019

This little one came into us this morning poorly,Michaela spoke to the vet on the phone for advice,and we will take her to vet first thing in the morning


What a gift!

4th April 2019

We would like to say a big thank you to Anja Polanz (Kos blogger), Kiki and everyone who supported their fund raising appeal for this 2nd fantastic food donation total 560 tins now, this will go along way to help us as we use 360 tins per month

First call of the new season

1st April 2019

And so it begins first call of the season at 21.15 tonight,these 2 little ones were found dumped in a cardboard box in Kos Town by Popi Pitia who also very kindly brought them to us even though Popi had to drive for 40 minutes to get here to us,now both snuggled up on a heat pad after being attended to by Michaela.


Lovely gift!

1st April 2019

A lovely surprise package arrived today full of Kitty goodies,from Barbara Patzak and Dagmar Fuchsel Dollinger from Germany,Thank you very much for your kindness

A big thank you!

25th March 2019

We would like to say a big thank you to Anja Polanz,Kiki and everyone who supported their fund raising appeal for this fantastic food donation there is more behind Michaela

Home: Past Events


Some of our lovely supporters

I admire Michaela and Kelvin, they give to cats and kittens in need , a nice safe home, lots of affection and an opportunity to have a longer happier life. and they do all that without thinking one bit about their own comfort. Thanks for doing what we all cat lovers can't, and some times wouldn't. you are amazing.

Nikolaos Sofras

AMAZING People truly amazing. HEARTS OF GOLD. TOTALLY dedicated to doing what it is they are doing. God bless you both

Khal Kelsey

We can’t thank you enough for all you did for us and all you do for all the cats/kittens. It’s people like you guys in the world that make it a better place. If only more people where kind to animals and selfless.

Em Silver

Home: Testimonials

Before & After Stories

Some of our many successes with sick cats


Jack (before)

Another call for help. This poor soul was found in the Village of Kefalos. He is very poorly. Michaela has made him as comfortable as possible and he has had medication and pain killers. He has  a possible broken jaw and we are off to the vets first thing in the morning. Now called Jack

Jack (after)

We went to the vets today. He has a broken jaw which is infected, and cat flu. He must have been like this for 4 days before we got the call about him. We have to get him strong so he can have an op on Friday. if he is stronger we will not give up on him. thanks to everyone that has helped and their kind words.


Lady (before)

Thank you to Annette Weston from Kefalos for bringing to our attention that one of the cats on your all year round feeding patches needed medical help. Although Kelvin has Flu/virus we still attended. He was not able to drive to the vets, so we have to thank Jonathan Smith for taking her. She stayed in the cage for 24 hours to rest and now she is in the house We will have a check up in 7 days time.

Lady (after)

Happy Cat!


Lucky (before)

Thanks to Paul Truelove for informing us about this male cat, and for being able to catch him. We took him straight to the vets badly injured and too weak for an operation. He is now in our care and on meds and special food to build him up. Sponsors needed for his care please.

Lucky (after)

Another happy cat!


Bright Eyes (before)

This little girl was brought to us today by a concerned local Greek lady. She had very bad cat flu. She is on a heat pad and taking fluids, and as always we will do our very best for her.

Bright Eyes (after)

Happy and healthy pussy cat!

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